Environment and environmental impacts

Our approach

As a manufacturing company, ALPLA is reliant on resources such as energy, gas, fossil resources and water. We are aware of how important it is to the future of the planet and to future generations that we use these resources efficiently.
We understand efficient use to mean getting as much as possible out of the raw materials. We wish to use them wisely and keep them within our production’s materials cycle. The professional collection and reuse of plastics prevent them from polluting the environment and being harmful there. We also focus our efforts on alternative materials and energy sources that conserve fossil resources. We keep emissions as low as possible. We offset greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided by purchasing CO2 certificates from high-quality climate protection projects


ALPLA’s company headquarters is located directly on the Austrian shore of Lake Constance.

In the following chapters, we report on the measures implemented and the achievements in the area of environmental protection in the reporting period and publish our ambitious targets for the next few years. Possible improvements came to light again and again in the course of preparing this report, which we then implemented immediately in order to minimise our environmental impact.