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Occupational health & safety

The issue of occupational health and safety merits a great deal of attention. All employees should be able to work in a healthy and safe environment at ALPLA. The personal health and safety of our employees is not only a matter which is close to our hearts – illness and accidents also result in high costs and can lead to production losses.

We will reduce the company risk/danger level by 10 per cent per annum up to 2022.

To further improve the already high standards at our facilities and to raise awareness of this issue among our customers and suppliers too, we set up a separate Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) office within the Corporate Human Resources department in 2015. Our vision is to achieve zero accidents. We support the occupational safety officers in the individual regions with special training sessions, workshops and other measures. One of the focal areas is our in-house operations and our collaboration with our customers.

Lost Time Case Rate
2015 2016 2017 2018
Lost Time Case Rate* 3.3 2.7 2.6 2.6

* Lost time case rate = (number of workplace accidents × 200,000) / number of hours actually worked

This metric tells us that 2.6 out of 100 employees were affected by a workplace accident involving lost time in 2018. This relates to injuries resulting in the loss of an employee for hours or days.

Since 2013, ALPLA has been encouraging the documentation of near misses. These are unintentional events which could lead to an accident or incident. In 2017, our HSE experts developed the ALPLA Accident Database, a customised tool that assists with the detailed logging and analysis of accidents. We document accidents precisely, including where and why they occurred as well as the part of the body affected in the case of personal injury. The analysis findings give us concrete pointers for preventive measures. In addition, all incidents are automatically reported to our HSE officers around the world in order to prevent similar accidents from occurring at other sites.

ALPLA uses the OHSAS 18001 standard (OHSAS = Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) worldwide as a reference system. We will certify just under 60 of our facilities in accordance with ISO 45001 by March 2021.

Our activities for healthy employees and safe jobs


Employees can simply and straightforwardly document unsafe situations in their work environment on their smartphones using an app. Those responsible for health and safety are then automatically notified of the hazard and of the improvement measures needed.


ALPLA Wellness is a comprehensive health and exercise programme for the employees in North America. Those who participate in activities such as preventive check-ups and sports programmes are awarded points. The most committed programme participants are then presented with awards and prizes at the end of the year.


Every year, an ALPLA Safety Week is held at the South America region’s sites in Brazil and Colombia. These are open not only to our employees, but also to their families. Everyone from the little ones up learn how important safety is at all stages in life. This campaign promotes team spirit among the co-workers as well as awareness of hazardous situations in the workplace.


The ALPLA centre of excellence in Shanghai runs an annual family day under the motto of ‘Stay healthy and be environmentally friendly’. In 2018, this included a mini-marathon which was tackled with relish by kids and grown-ups alike.